“The Door to Love” – age 10

We were walking on the beach, he and I,
the moon shone brightly in the black-colored sky.
We walked slowly, hand in hand,
letting our feet brush through the sand.
In the darkness, we saw a door.
We knew it was a door to love forever,
if we walked through it, we would always be together.
We tried to think, quick and fast,
when almost all of our time was past,
we ran to try and catch the door,
but when we got there, all we saw
were the waves crashing ashore.
 *Author’s Note: I wrote this at the kitchen table while my mom was cooking.  I don’t have a whole lot of lucid memories from my childhood, but this one is one of the clearest.  I had just read through a bunch of my mom’s old poems from High School and I was inspired to write a love poem, even though all I knew about love at the time was from Madonna songs.*