poem fracture – age 32

Paper edges surround me,

the only things besides

your shattered bones and old

blankets that I can hold.


I can smell you fading,

While wishing you were here

despite the knowing

That every day, you get farther

and farther and farther


*I haven’t been able to write much about my beloved Hearing dog, Willow, that was more than just a dog to me for 11 years.  He was a son, friend, soul mate, companion.  He was my everything.  My better, kinder, wilder half.  Every year he is gone hurts.  I hope to write more about this feeling, but every time I try, it feels more like excavation than writing (though the most important writing likely is an excavation).

Willow, wherever you are, whatever form you have now, I love you.

willow by the falls
willow by the falls